• Physical security of all ownership forms objects and risk degrees
  • Physical security of citizens (bodyguards)
  • Detective services
  • Development and implementation of security measures system for companies and citizens
  • Organization, preparation, methodical and practical support for the protection of trade secrets and confidential information
  • Informational, analytical support and maintenance of the newly created and existing business projects in Ukraine and other European countries
  • Methodical and practical assistance for the organization of physical protection at facilities on their own firms, companies and businesses
  • Investigation conduction, including use of "lie detector"
  • Selection, examination and inspection of personnel in employment, as well as employees of companies using the "lie detector"
  • Organization of security guards training and appropriation of 3rd rank qualification on the base of professional-technical schools
  • Selection, examination and testing of candidates for guards, including use of "lie detector" and preparation of necessary documents provided by the licensing terms


tel.: +380 44 390 62 59,
tel.: +380 50 444 81 40


Our Company was founded in august 1995 to assist corporations, firms, companies, enterprises and citizens in organization and implementation of business activity and protect their legitimate interests.

The basis of our activity is principle of preemption and prevention of negative effect on life, human health, an attempt on his material and intellectual wealth.

Integrated usage of forces and means to resolve arising problems allows to satisfy the most demanding customers.

In our arsenal:

- Staff experienced in organization, development and implementation of measures, ensuring security of businesses and citizens;

- Analysts, psychologists, experts in use of "lie detector", investigations

- Emergency call service to liaise with clients and any time consultation for various life situations

- Bodyguards and security guards, trained and responsible professionals in their field, with working experience, periodically passing tests on "lie detector"

- Foreign experts, who assist us in investigations, analytical and informational projects in Western Europe, Russia and Belarus.

OUR MOTTO: “You have no problems if VAKANAS is near”