• Physical security of all ownership forms objects and risk degrees
  • Physical security of citizens (bodyguards)
  • Detective services
  • Development and implementation of security measures system for companies and citizens
  • Organization, preparation, methodical and practical support for the protection of trade secrets and confidential information
  • Informational, analytical support and maintenance of the newly created and existing business projects in Ukraine and other European countries
  • Methodical and practical assistance for the organization of physical protection at facilities on their own firms, companies and businesses
  • Investigation conduction, including use of "lie detector"
  • Selection, examination and inspection of personnel in employment, as well as employees of companies using the "lie detector"
  • Organization of security guards training and appropriation of 3rd rank qualification on the base of professional-technical schools
  • Selection, examination and testing of candidates for guards, including use of "lie detector" and preparation of necessary documents provided by the licensing terms


tel.: +380 44 390 62 59,
tel.: +380 50 444 81 40

Our experience

Our company has experience of work in:

1. Security and protection of objects of the world-knowing companies, such as Bayer, Vidi One, Gallaher Ukraine, Desnagrain, JT International Ukraine, Monsanto Ukraine, Novartis, Schneider Electric Ukraine.

2. Security of large factories and businesses, including shift work - Plant Iskra (Boyarka), Vendichansky bakery, Cherkasky sugar-refinery, CJSC Khimrezerv,  JSC Grat (Kyiv).

3. Security of country cottages – Golden Gate, Kozin, Vita Pochtova.

4. Security of warehouse and office premises, consular departments of foreign embassies in Ukraine, the State Archives.

5. Security of banks - Nadra, Renaissance Capital, Akordbank, Kyiv Universal Bank.

6. Events organization and personal security (bodyguards) of citizens, including foreigners while visiting Ukraine. Among them were employees of the company "Oracle" (USA), who presented the company with memorable signs (see photo), well-known artists - Marcel Marceau, Chris Norman, Yuri Shevchuk ("DDT" band), Alex Kozlov ("Arsenal" band), Valery Kipelov ("Aria" band), Boris Grebenshchikov ("Aquarium" band), Oleg Tabakov's Studio Theatre, businessmen of Ukraine, as well as from Russia, Great Britain and Germany.

7. Conduction of more than 3,000 investigations, using "lie detector", thanks to which were returned stolen material and funds, prevented attempts to create criminal schemes, overlapped channels of trade secrets leak.