• Physical security of all ownership forms objects and risk degrees
  • Physical security of citizens (bodyguards)
  • Detective services
  • Development and implementation of security measures system for companies and citizens
  • Organization, preparation, methodical and practical support for the protection of trade secrets and confidential information
  • Informational, analytical support and maintenance of the newly created and existing business projects in Ukraine and other European countries
  • Methodical and practical assistance for the organization of physical protection at facilities on their own firms, companies and businesses
  • Investigation conduction, including use of "lie detector"
  • Selection, examination and inspection of personnel in employment, as well as employees of companies using the "lie detector"
  • Organization of security guards training and appropriation of 3rd rank qualification on the base of professional-technical schools
  • Selection, examination and testing of candidates for guards, including use of "lie detector" and preparation of necessary documents provided by the licensing terms


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Investigation services

The providing of detective services are not regulated by legislation of Ukraine.

However,  in the classification of economic activities (NACE -2010) there are:

a) code 80.30 "Investigation" includes:

- Activities of investigation and activities of detectives
- All activities of private detectives, regardless of the type of clients or aims of investigation.

b) code 80.10, "Private security activities" includes:

- lie detectors services;
- services to fingerprint

The word detective means an investigation and exposure.

Investigation  services can be divided into the following activities:

A. Measures to prevent the (pre-empt) the negative impact on the citizen, the company by Offenders with the technical means and forces of nature.
Example: the selection, examination and verification of job applicants or existing staff.

B. Measures to detect and prevent the causes and conditions for offenses that might be done by stuff, competitors, environment.
Example: during realization of investigations in a supermarket, it was found that the theft of goods took place in the way of its receipt at the counters, but the shortage was charged from the customers and guard. After the detection of irregularities in the admission of goods, the way (channel) of such thefts was blocked out.

C. The direct investigation occurred on the facts, events and offenses and including the use of "lie detector", which allows an objective determination of the truth.
Example: In a company during the stock inventory the shortage of goods was found with the amount exceeding U.S. $ 50 000. The collected materials indicated the theft committed by the head of the stock. However, the owner questioned the involvement the head stock in the theft and used the “lie detector”

As a result it was found the theft committed by sales manager  who  made  an agreement with the accountant and by the machinations with reporting they  exported goods from the stock  and realized it  for cash.

The price for the investigation services is determined for each case separately depending on volume of work (workload).

The price for conducting research using psychophysiological “lie-detector” is:

- Conducting investigations - from 6500 UAH and above, for checking a single person.
- Testing of existing staff 2500 - 3250 UAH per person.
- Testing of applicants 2000 - 3000 UAH per person
Note: All tests are conducted only with the written consent verifiable.

All prices are excluding VAT. Discounts are available.