• Physical security of all ownership forms objects and risk degrees
  • Physical security of citizens (bodyguards)
  • Detective services
  • Development and implementation of security measures system for companies and citizens
  • Organization, preparation, methodical and practical support for the protection of trade secrets and confidential information
  • Informational, analytical support and maintenance of the newly created and existing business projects in Ukraine and other European countries
  • Methodical and practical assistance for the organization of physical protection at facilities on their own firms, companies and businesses
  • Investigation conduction, including use of "lie detector"
  • Selection, examination and inspection of personnel in employment, as well as employees of companies using the "lie detector"
  • Organization of security guards training and appropriation of 3rd rank qualification on the base of professional-technical schools
  • Selection, examination and testing of candidates for guards, including use of "lie detector" and preparation of necessary documents provided by the licensing terms


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Physical guarding section

Physical guarding of property activities of stuff (officers) directed  on  ensuring the preservation of property (houses, offices, buildings, movable and immovable property) to prevent or avoid direct attacks on the owner property, the provision (guarantee) of admission and object mode Physical guarding of objects is a demanding task which requires from officers (stuff)  the precision of the Legislation of Ukraine, instructions, high vigilance,  inflexible determination and initiative.

This is achieved by high-quality training of security officers by theoretical acknowledges and practical actions.

Our guards are studying and skilfully use in practice:

- Legal basics of security activities;
- Requirements to guard, his rights and responsibilities;
- Organization of objects protection, the procedure of admission and the object mode;
- Independent actions (solutions of input issues ) in realization the security measures;
- Basics provisions of labor protection;
- First aid;
- Rights of enforcement and regulatory agencies in order of their admission to the protection site;
- Creation of verbal portrait;
- Order of examination of the crime scene;
- Procedure for the preparation and presentation of the protocol on administrative offense (paragraph 5 of Article 255 of the Code of Ukraine "On Administrative Offences") and acts of identified offences.

The price for security services determined for each case specifically being based on the complexity of the object, its vulnerability, aspirations and attacks on the intellectual and material property, the amount of liability duration of protection period.

The average cost of object guarding  is 40, 00 to 60, 00 UAH. per person / per hour, the service consideres full financial responsibility.

In case signing a short term contract the amount increases to:

a) up to 3 months - 15%;
b) up to 6 months - 7.5%.

If necessary equipment for the object by technical means to enhance the protection, use of alarm buttons to call the rapid response teams, NP LLC "Vakanas" cooperate with the public service of Research Affairs of Ukraine, and commercial companies as well.

The price for security services during cultural and recreational activities is negotiated separately, based on the starting price of 80 UAH   per person / per hour.

Prices are excluding VAT. Discounts are available.

License for security activity series AB № 507540 of 24.02.2010 by the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine. Term of license - unlimited.