• Physical security of all ownership forms objects and risk degrees
  • Physical security of citizens (bodyguards)
  • Detective services
  • Development and implementation of security measures system for companies and citizens
  • Organization, preparation, methodical and practical support for the protection of trade secrets and confidential information
  • Informational, analytical support and maintenance of the newly created and existing business projects in Ukraine and other European countries
  • Methodical and practical assistance for the organization of physical protection at facilities on their own firms, companies and businesses
  • Investigation conduction, including use of "lie detector"
  • Selection, examination and inspection of personnel in employment, as well as employees of companies using the "lie detector"
  • Organization of security guards training and appropriation of 3rd rank qualification on the base of professional-technical schools
  • Selection, examination and testing of candidates for guards, including use of "lie detector" and preparation of necessary documents provided by the licensing terms


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Protection of citizens – is the activity of the organization and practical action, aimed at ensuring the personal safety of a particular individual through prevention and protection of the protected person from the negative impact on his life and health.

We offer guarded to answer some questions, to make a personal profile in organization and preparation of security measures.

Personal profile includes sets of questions that can be divided into such as:

1. Threat.
2. Daily shift (timetable).
3. Travel and safety.
4. Safety in the community.

After reading the personal questionnaire the reconnaissance of the main routes and locations conducted of the protected person. The collected information allows us to select in a proper way and apply the methods of protection, which include:

1. Principles preservation are elected so as to ensure the safety of the protected person and comfortable condition.

2. The methods of protection are determined on the basis of activities protected person, or bodyguards, whether covert surveillance, whether “shuttle" patrol  or a combined protection.

Defined by the areas of security such as:

- Internal when the bodyguards are around the protected person

- Average around the inner perimeter, and is equipped with guards (not bodyguards)
Example: protected person performs on stage and the guards are on the way to the stage and the bodyguards behind the wings on the stage

- The outer perimeter  of the first line of filtration
Example: a pass to the event by special invitation.

4. Preservation construction of one, two or three bodyguards.

5. Special situations - greeting ceremonies, meetings, banquets, concerts, etc.

Compliance with these methods of preservation allows the qualified bodyguards to act independently on the cover-up and evacuation (removal from the danger zone) of the protected person.

Bodyguards are guided by the general (main) rule  in (during) attack on a protected person or identify signs of possible threats to his life or health – the bodyguards should take out the protected person from the danger area and prevent an attack and do not try to apprehend the attackers.

The protected person supposed adhere to this rule as well , and if it is necessary it should be intelligibly convince him of this.

A brief description of the methods and sequence of our work in preparation of security measures allows our clients to determine by themselves the necessity and appropriateness of their personal security.

The prices for such security services of citizens depend on many components which all were mentioned previously, as well as the duration of such  protective measures.

In case contract for a year or more the cost ranges from 72,000 to 130,000 UAH per month, under the condition of work one bodyguard (It supposed to be the continued availability of one person with the protected person even if 2 or 3 bodyguards would have the flexible day shift)

In case the contract for one day to 30 days the price ranges from 520 UAH per hour worked, but not less than 4,160 UAH per day.

In carrying out urgent orders (fielding of security in 12-48 hours) the price increases accordingly in 50-30%

Providing transportation for meetings or maintenance of protected persons charges separately.

All prices are excluding VAT.  There may be a price adjustment during the negotiations.

License for security activity series AB № 507540 of 24.02.2010 by the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine. Term of license - unlimited.